Lease & Asset Tracking

Capture, track, search, and report on all of your leases and assets quickly and easily. Best of all – these basic services are included for free.

Portfolio Management

Drive hard-cost savings by improving financing decisions, equipment management, and end-of-term return performance, asset-by-asset.

GAAP Accounting, Financial Reporting, Compliance & Audit

Ensure financial reporting quality by using tools for FASB testing, monthly close, reconciliation, and roll-forward, improving data accuracy and completeness.

Global Capital Sourcing

Reduce cost of capital by competing transactions. Distribute RFPs to lessors, analyze proposals, and award transactions.

The Global Lessor Network

500+ qualified lessors around the world with local financing and equipment expertise are ready to earn for your business.

Capture My Portfolio

Start with data you trust. Get the expert support that you need to abstract, validate, reconcile, and load your data and documents.

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Really Cool Stats

Coolest Transaction #1

Bid 2 x Gulfstream G650s

Coolest part: Client saved $4.4Million

How cool is that?

Total Assets

1,456,321 pieces of equipment located in 48 countries

Number of Countries

Where clients sourced capital: 26

Hottest new feature

Support for 2 standards:

current and new FASB lease accounting standards.

Our clients are already transition ready.

Hot. Red Hot.

Coolest Transaction #2

$550,000 Mining Equipment in Zambia

Coolest part: Hey, we financed a deal in Zambia.

How cool is that?

“After deciding that equipment leasing was in NetApp's best interest, over the last two years, we have grown our leasing portfolio by over 350% in dollar volume and 700% in the number of lease schedules. We currently have approximately $67 million (cost) of assets managed representing over 200 schedules. Without a Company such as LeaseAccelerator to manage and control the procure-to-pay process, and provide independent analysis and advice, we simply would not be doing leasing today and could not have managed this tremendous growth. We have been told by our lessors that we exemplify best practices compared to their other large lessees in terms of our responsiveness, process and controls.”
— Chris Afarian, Assistant Treasurer
NetApp Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
“In 2007, Eaton saved $2.2 million on $12 million in leasing volume, thanks in part to LeaseAccelerator's services, which helped us achieve the best price from among competing lessors.”
— Trent Meyerhoefer, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer – Capital Markets
Eaton Corporation, Cleveland, OH
“Baker utilized LeaseAccelerator's solution to simplify its internal lease process and centralize documentation. LeaseAccelerator's support, along with the collective expertise of the LeaseAccelerator team, has proven to be invaluable to us. Since 2005, Michael Baker has used LeaseAccelerator's solution as the system of record for compliance with FAS 13 and assistance with our 10K disclosures. Our equipment lease portfolio is fully captured, reconciled, and auditable.”
— Anthony Machi, Director of Financial Compliance and Analysis
Michael Baker Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
“We chose LeaseAccelerator because their technology and expertise delivered substantial visibility and savings to our capital expenditure finance processes.”
— Dale Reid, Treasurer, CFO
“In 2009, we had several problems with our leasing process. In 2010, we engaged LeaseAccelerator for expertise, process administration, and software services. We captured and abstracted over 4,200 lease documents from 44 countries to create an auditable database. 2,200 were captured in under 6 months and more than 1,000 had to be translated to English first. We integrated LeaseAccelerator's software services with Ariba Procurement and Oracle G/L and A/P for seamless data integration. We then generated financial reports used for SOX-compliant financial reporting (10k notes disclosure), including contractual obligations related to operating and capital leases – within 9 months of start. The results: established key controls, increased visibility for all stakeholders through automated reporting and notifications, and increased competition. In the first 18 months, through LeaseAccelerator's RFP process, we have successfully competed and awarded $41.7MM of equipment leases and lease-lines (including forklifts, automobiles, IT/servers, furniture & fixtures, broadcast/audio-visual, heavy equipment, etc.) in several countries and generated over $2.7MM of realized savings, which is an ROI of 12.8%.”

You can see our case study here.

— Carol Pennington, Director, Treasury Projects
“As a global company, CGI delivers mission-critical information technology and business process services to governments and industries everyday. Since 2000, we have relied on LeaseAccelerator to ensure that our leasing programs deliver the financial and strategic benefits we expect. LeaseAccelerator has consistently provided us with expert management of our lease portfolio, strong controls, as well as reporting and advice that my team benefits from. I would recommend the LeaseAccelerator team to other CFOs looking for a combination of cost reduction and best practices around leasing processes.”
— R. David Anderson, Executive Vice-President & CFO
CGI Group Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
“It is important for companies such as Whirlpool Corporation, with large capital spending plans supplemented by leasing, to have complete control and visibility with respect to leasing activities. With LeaseAccelerator, our Treasury department and Controller can set standards across the company and ensure business units adhere to those standards.”
— Frank Luongo, Director, Treasury Analysis
Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, MI
“With 18 manufacturing facilities in the U.S and Puerto Rico and a nationwide distribution system, we needed to establish consistent and efficient policies and procedures for all our equipment leasing activities, as well as a process to ensure compliance with such policies. This is why we chose LeaseAccelerator as a partner.”
— Bill Creekmuir, CFO
Simmons Bedding Company, Atlanta, GA
“Using LeaseAccelerator, Apple has saved millions of dollars and gained control over our capex finance process.”
— Boris Bakovic, Manager, Corporate Finance
“At Cisco, we work with Global Procurement Services to serve their Global Infrastructure Services in Global IT to help them track their leases and leased assets using LeaseAccelerator. To ensure the quality of their reporting, we perform due diligence on the portfolio data, including reconciling the data with lessors' reporting along with tracking and reporting any events at the asset-level. We also help Cisco manage the cost of their leased asset portfolio through End of Term (EOT) management. The EOT process is tailored to the client and includes issuing automated notifications advising of lease end date and available lessor specific options per schedule. We meet with Cisco operational teams bi-weekly to ensure that they understand the status of all assets and any follow up necessary for execution. LeaseAccelerator serves as a central repository where Cisco archives its lease documentation and lease related communications. Cisco staff can access documentation and reports themselves or request the data directly from our Operations team.”
— Paul Brennan, Director, Operations, LeaseAccelerator Services